Re-branding of MMSL

As part of our commitment to innovation and sustained growth in the evolving market in which we operate, Miguel Mechanical Services is proud to announce a strategic rebranding initiative aimed at fortifying our market position and rejuvenating our brand identity.

With almost Forty (40) years operations in the oil and gas and manufacturing sector of Trinidad and Tobago under our belt, Miguel Mechanical Services decided 2024 was the year to recommit and demonstrate our recognition of the importance of adaptability and evolution in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Our rebranding campaign brings with it, not only the unveiling of a new logo and a modernized visual identity but also new partnerships and associations that have created enhanced product access, increased engineering support and training opportunities.

Constant is our commitment to providing quality, cost effective solutions to our clients’ operations through the provision of core services such as:

•       Offshore and onshore crane and lifting equipment maintenance-pedestal, mobile, overhead

•       Offshore and onshore Crane operations- pedestal, mobile, overhead

•       Equipment inspection and third-party certification –e.g. wire rope, slings, tools and equipment, vessels, compressors

•       Hydraulic/Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Maintenance

•       Platform Maintenance Services

•       Development and implementation of Equipment PM (preventive and predictive) program

  • Equipment Refurbishment
  • Mechanical Load Testing Services
  • Bolt Torquing Services
  • Rental of Specialized equipment including Mobile cranes, Water bags, Load Cells, Solid Weights, DNV Carriers, Rigging equipment
  • Provision of Services on Specialized Equipment:
  • FROGs (authorized dealer)- Sales Units and Parts, Maintenance
  • Lifeboats services including PMs,  Supply of lifeboat spares, Correctives, Refurbishment

The Miguel Mechanical Services rebranding initiative will be rolled out across all touchpoints, including digital platforms, service capacity and physical assets, ensuring a cohesive experience for all stakeholders.

We are excited to embark on this journey and look forward to you coming along on the ride with us whilst we continue delivering exceptional value to your operations.”