Management Commitment

Miguel Mechanical Services Limited (MMSL) shall put in place arrangements to effectively manage health and safety issues. This will involve a systematic approach which identifies priorities and sets objectives. Where reasonably practicable, risks shall be eliminated, controlled and managed through careful selection and design of plant, equipment and machinery. MMSL shall strive for progressive improvement in health and safety and shall, through the assessment process, monitor and review progress against set objectives.

Over the years, Miguel Mechanical Services Limited has earned recognition from our clients for our excellent safety records and remains committed to conducting safe operations for our clients.

We are also proud of our achievements over the years in sensitizing our employees to the health, safety and environment issues. In this context, the following milestones have been attained:

Development of a Miguel Mechanical Services Limited Health, Safety and Environment Policy Manual

Development of an in-house Basic Safety Training Program, which all employees must undergo on joining the company.

Development of Employees’ Safety Incentive Programs

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